Your First Visit to Liz Walker - Osteopath for Northampton  

Your first visit will take approximately 30 minutes. 
First of all Liz will take a case history before any treatment. This is a detailed medical assessment including the problem you have presented with, your medical history, lifestyle and general wellbeing. 
Liz will take the time to listen to you to make sure she fully understands your condition and will ask questions to ensure she has of the information needed to give you the best treatment. 
It is important to gain this information to ensure that she can work with you to regain your health and alleviate your symptoms. 
Next the examination occurs. 
This may require you to remove some of your clothing. If you wish to have someone present with you during your consultation and treatment this is absolutely fine. A parent will be required to attend each session for babies and children. 
Liz will look at your posture and how you move your body to see where and when it hurts. Liz will then move your body for you to assess what hurts, where and when. 
Your blood pressure and neurological (eg reflex) tests may be taken. Liz will use palpation (light touch) to identify what's going on to diagnose your condition. 
Liz will discuss her findings with you and devise a treatment programme. 
Liz will use a range of techniques to carry out treatment. This will vary from person to person but may include soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and low amplitude, high velocity thrusts or gentle cranial release techniques. 
Liz will give advice on managing your condition at home and work and may also give you some excercises to do. 
For more information or a chat about your condition please call me on 07789 954058 or alternatively please click here to complete my short contact form. 
Please note: It may be that Osteopathy is not suitable for your condition and, if so, you will be referred to your GP or other health practitioner who can help. 
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